Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Spoiled Games Period

Yesterday was my games period. It was totally spoiled. Let me tell you how.

We girls decided to play Kho-Kho and the boys decided nothing but to spoil our game. So they sent Prabhjot to do it. He just sat in the track. I got angry and angrier. It was my turn to run. Jessica of the opposite team asked me why I was not running fast enough. I said, it doesn’t matter to you, because if I run slowly, it will be easier for you to chase me.

The boys were disturbing our game. So I decided I won’t play because I was filling up with fire of anger. I sat on a bench. I saw two girls named Arpan and Manvi were saying that we would play only in the shade because we will get sun-burnt. I told them it is not your beauty contest tomorrow that you have to be protected from sun. Then all the girls decided that they will not play kho-kho, they will play catch-catch. Both my best friends Ashpreet and Gurjit saw me sitting alone so they decided not to play. Some boys challenged us to catch them. All of us girls caught them and the boys learnt their lesson right.

Still it was a spoiled games period.