Saturday, August 27, 2011


In the dark room

I was alone

With my bloody dream

Had it

In the dark

Lost my love

Lost my hope

In my dream

My bloody dream

He was there


And died laughing

I was there


And fainted crying

In my bloody dream

Today I in the dark room


With my bloody dream

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This poem by Olive Dove is in my Literary Reader and I love it.

Why are you always tagging on?

You ought to be dressing dolls
Like other sisters.

Dolls! You know I don’t like them.
Cold, stiff things lying so still.
Let’s go to the woods and climb trees.
The crooked elm is the best.
From the top you can see the river
And the old man hills,
Humped-backed and hungry
As ragged beggars.
In the day they seen small and far away
But at night they crowd closer
And stand like frowning giants.
Come on! What are you waiting for?

I have better things to do.

It’s wild in the woods today.
Rooks claw the air with their cackling.
The trees creak and sigh.
They say that long ago, slow Sam the woodcutter
Who liked to sleep in the hollow oak,
Was found dead there.
The sighing is his ghost, crying to come back.
Let’s go and hear it.

I hate the sound.

You mean you’re afraid?

Of course not.
Jim and I are going fishing.

Can I come too?

What do you know about fishing?
You're only a girl.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


boring mom, uploaded it ulta

In process

Madame artist has many eyes

'A' or 'V'?

The man whose job I was doing is seen playing with roti da dabba

The name is Bond...Fevi Bond

They are cruel, they will frame this fish

Painted and framed

The finished product

(As dictated by NewPinch to her mom. NewPinch has dozed off, Photo captions courtesy-Mom)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Spoiled Games Period

Yesterday was my games period. It was totally spoiled. Let me tell you how.

We girls decided to play Kho-Kho and the boys decided nothing but to spoil our game. So they sent Prabhjot to do it. He just sat in the track. I got angry and angrier. It was my turn to run. Jessica of the opposite team asked me why I was not running fast enough. I said, it doesn’t matter to you, because if I run slowly, it will be easier for you to chase me.

The boys were disturbing our game. So I decided I won’t play because I was filling up with fire of anger. I sat on a bench. I saw two girls named Arpan and Manvi were saying that we would play only in the shade because we will get sun-burnt. I told them it is not your beauty contest tomorrow that you have to be protected from sun. Then all the girls decided that they will not play kho-kho, they will play catch-catch. Both my best friends Ashpreet and Gurjit saw me sitting alone so they decided not to play. Some boys challenged us to catch them. All of us girls caught them and the boys learnt their lesson right.

Still it was a spoiled games period.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


My mother's teacher sent her this video and she showed it to me. I wish to share it here.