Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Social Science Teacher

My social science teacher’s name is Mrs Gurjeet Kaur. She teaches us History, Geography and Civics. The best thing about her is that she teaches History like Art; Geography like English and Civics like games. Sometimes I think that she is like my class teacher of Class IV, Mrs S. Dhaliwal. Mrs Gurjeet’s voice is like Mrs Dhaliwal’s. Her handwriting is also like hers. Her way of teaching is like hers. She even teaches English - not to us but to some other classes. She is strict, but to me she is polite. This is perhaps because for good students, even the strictest teacher becomes polite; but for bad children, even the most polite teacher is strict. Actually she was on leave on my first day of senior secondary school in VI standard. I asked Jasleen, my senior busmate about all the teachers who were going to teach us. I asked her who all were strict. When I told her that Mrs. Gurjeet would teach us social science, she yelled in surprise and shouted, “Mrs. Gurjeet?” I said yes, “Then what? What is the matter? Is she very strict?” She said, “Yes she is strict, but is one of the best. Her teaching, her voice, her love for good students all is worth appreciation." I felt proud that she is teaching us, I am proud to have her as my teacher.


Rajindarjit said...

Woov! A very good profile of a teacher, written in smart language.Bravo!

You like your teacher thats why the subjects, she teaches you will be easy in hands.

Do your best!
Respect your teachers.

My best wishes to you and
Convey my compliments to your teacher too.


Pinku said...

thats very sweet...

i thought most students nowadays dont respect their teachers anymore. Your post made me feel good. My Social science teacher in school was my favorite too. She was called Sister Joyce and she was very smart and intelligent.

Good luck...enjoy your studies...there is no joy better than an interesting class.

NewPinch said...

Dhesu-Thanks, Meinu sachi apne ma'am changey lagdey ae.

Pinku Auntie- I love my S. Science ma'am. Because she is so sweet. Thanks for blogrolling me. My mom says you are cool. Because she is jealous of me. That I am so popular. Hahaha.

Pinku said...

Hey Rasan,
completely agree u are super cool...keep wirting and painting the way you do and soon your blog will be the most popular in blogsville..

good luck!

Roop Rai said...

rasan: it was fantastic to read your thoughts on your teacher. writing's not just about putting some words together but also about putting the right emotion into the words so that the reader can relate to them. you did just that! you wrote with your heart. that's why it came out so well. do continue writing but not as a chore ... write when you want to ... write if you want to ... write with your heart, edit with your brain. :)

much luck to you and we'll keep reading you. do continue writing.

cheers luv
roop :)

Sidhusaaheb said...

Bohat sohna likhyaa ai bachche!


Keep it up!


However, I have just one small observation to make.

I suppose you must have studied antonyms at school i.e. words that are opposite in meaning to each other.

Now, one word that is opposite in meaning to 'strict', I believe, is 'lenient' and one that is opposite in meaning to 'polite' is 'rude'.

There are a couple of websites that should prove to be of assistance to you. These are:

and (I use the UK view in this one, but you could very well use the US view, if you so prefer.)

These websites are online dictionaries and can help you with the meanings of all of the words that you want to look up.

Keep up the good work!


My favourite teacher at school was my English teacher and her name was Mrs. Gill. I liked her because of reasons very similar to those that you have written about i.e. even as she was rather strict with almost every one, she was a bit lenient with me, even though she used to call me a 'lazy lump' sometimes!


At college, my favourite teacher was Professor Sekhon. He taught us Geography. I admired him for the vast amount of knowledge that he had. He even knew about all the different trees planted along the different roads in Chandigarh and helped us to relate these with the kind of climate in Chandigarh. Like this, he would tell us i.e. his students about many different things, which were beyond what was written in our text-books.


Life Begins said...

You are such a sweet and genuine writer. Loved reading it all. Keep it up Young Lady!!

Rajindarjit said...

You have posted a very soothing music here.
Shabad in the voice of Ishmeet sounds good.
His Voice will remain for ever.


Anonymous said...

hey rasan
ur write up is as great as ur mom's write up...u are the daughter of a genius mom
keep it up

NewPinch said...

This is Manpreet responding on behalf of Rasan. I have asked her to respond to every comment and compliment she has received.
But I am really touched at all the visits. She feels greatly encouraged. I am sure it will inspire her to keep updating her blog more often.
Thanks to Pinku, Mama, Roop, Sidhu, Life Begins, and Anonymous Ji.
Keep encouraging and guiding her. Sidhu, she is asking me to put the links of the sites you have suggested on her page.

Gazal said...

am sure she's lucky to have a student like you rasan.