Saturday, August 27, 2011


In the dark room

I was alone

With my bloody dream

Had it

In the dark

Lost my love

Lost my hope

In my dream

My bloody dream

He was there


And died laughing

I was there


And fainted crying

In my bloody dream

Today I in the dark room


With my bloody dream


Pinku said...

Has the little girl grown up so much??

Wake up girlie its only a dreamy the world is sunny and nice outside. :)

Anonymous said...

So good to see her writing poems. Maa ka asar hai !
Wishing you all the best, Rasanmeet. Read a lot, scribble away when and where the inspiration strikes you . Even in dreams. Keep notes. You will be grateful for these notes later.

Keep writing !

dipali said...

Such a scary dream! I'm sure you were happy when you woke up and realised that it was only a dream.
Keep writing- you have a flair.


It is a coincidence that the background of my blog too is the same. i felt I am viewing my own blog. You are courageous to make experiments in writing. I feel happy for you. Do it , experiment and experiment with your full vigour.I will like you to come out and be a keen observer. You are able to say a lot in a few words, so do pick up more from the environ and sum it up with your poetic sense. Be blessed and I will look forward to your more poems on this blog which I will keep following.Jinde raho Lambiyaan umraan.

Hisham said...

One word- 'marvelous'. What has astounded me most is, how can a child of 13 write like this? But no, my estimation of this poem is not due to this age factor, rather due to its own merit. The images are so intense, the moments so dark, and the feelings so strong! Even with lines expressing hopelessness, this poet has made me hope for her shining future, as a human, as a human poet. Blessings and Love.

Unknown said...

Are u kidding. Such a mature poem by such a kiddo!!! Talented daughter of a superbly talented mom :) Keep rockin kiddo


amazing for a 13 year. teen years are the begining of an era in once's life, but so mature ?. amazing

Balvinder Singh said...

Though the poem has a sad backdrop but it all the more reflects the depth of thought process and the level of maturity of Rasanmeet which is way ahead of her tender age. She will certaily surpass her all rounder mother. Wish her all the best.

jupinderjit singh said...

keep dreaming..keep writing....
good luck

Anonymous said...

Very nice, a great beginning, do keep it up :)- Gurpreet.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rasanmeet -
This was an excellent poem! You do have a knack for writing! I just love to see how you are excelling in life. The running and now the writing. I am sure your parents are very proud of you! Keep up the good work - what I have learned in life is: hard work never goes to waste and if there is a will, there is a way! I can't wait to instill all of these beliefs in my dear little Manreet. I want to empower her to be the best and never to feel that she can't achieve anything. God Bless you!

Keep up the good work,

sukumbho said...

Even at the cost of repeating, I must say it's way too 'mature' poem. The words are laden with emotion and meaning. I'm really surprised and proud too. Way to go, NewPinch. Present us more word-pictures of your thoughts and experience.

MahwashB said...

very graphic.. keep writing!