Monday, December 31, 2007

It was a beautiful sunny and windy day today. I flew kites and Mama-Papa helped me. I like to fly the kite high and then tie the dor to a pole. Then I stand by and watch it flying. Mama always tells me to hold the dor in hand and feel the tension. I am always thinking someone else should not cut my dor.
Mama came to tie more dor so my kite can fly even higher. Just when I untied the knot from pole, Jai came and began to fight with me. So the dor went off my hands and the kite flew away.


sukumbho said...

Remember this: Kites fly against the wind. And well, they are so colorful and brave. They soar high into the sky without any fear. Liked your blog, Newpinch. Do keep it up and write whatever you think is right to write.

NewPinch said...

Yes,I will.

Thank You. Keep visiting

Rajindarjit said...

Fly High New Pinch,

Your high Goals can make you rise as high as you can.

Good Luck Bravo!


NewPinch said...


Pinku said...

thats sad for u i guess to lose a kite but perhaps the kite had a really good time flying around freely and checking out new places.

There is a movie called The Red balloon, see it if u can it's about a flyaway balloon that visits different people.