Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Visit to the Village

We were on to the village where my Papa's friend's parents lived. We went to the field by walking on the banna (the edge of small water canal used to supply water), clicked some photos. My Papa's friend's parents were making a new house. We saw the grazing grounds and the buffaloes. On the way back I thought my Papa's other friend R's face just looked like Zen's first model.


Rajindarjit said...

Wov !
What a wonderful Job!!

Keep it up!!!


Roop Rai said...

You are fantastic!!! Keep writing!! Why aren't you writing anymore? I look forward to see more.

NewPinch said...


pinknblu said...

hi newpinch. touchwood. What were mamma's new friends looking like - Swift and Baleno??

love from Delhi

Mithe said...

Cute write up. Write more newpinch-am looking forward to more posts....:)

Hapi said...

zen da purana model .. hahahaha..